Septic installation

Information to give in order to receive the certificate

  • Cadastral designation
  • The building’s civic number and all other description allowing to locate the land on which the project will take place
  • The details and mandatory documents requested by the by-law concerning the evacuation and treatment of waste water for isolated residences
  • The completed form


If the system is meant to serve a building other than an isolated residence, the information and documents mentioned in the provincial by-law (Q2-R22) must be prepared and signed by an engineer, member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

These documents need to be accompanied by a statement from the engineer guaranteeing that the sceptic system will conform to the provincial regulations and that it will be able to treat the wastewater given their characteristics.

After the installation of the septic system

This certificate must confirm that the construction was done in a way that conforms to the plans approved at the time that the permit was issued.

Moreover, it must include a plan as built as well as photos taken before, during and after the installation.

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