Urban planning and regulations

The urban plan is the document that establishes the main lines of the spatial and physical organisation of a municipality while presenting a global vision of the territory’s development.

It is a very important official document in the planning of the territory’s development.

It helps to orient the development of the territory.

Revision and adoption of urban planning regulations -2019

Please find the urban plan and related regulations – 2019

2019-100 Règlement Plan d’urbanisme

2019-101 règlement PERMIS ET CERTIFICATS

2019-102 Règlement de LOTISSEMENT

2019-103 Règlement de ZONAGE

2019-104 Règlement de CONSTRUCTION

2019-105 Règlement de PPCMOI

2019-106 Règlement de CONSTRUCTION des rues

2019-107 Règlement DÉROGATION MINEURE









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