Minor derogation

A minor derogation is an exceptional procedure that was established by regulation whereby the council can authorize anticipated project realizations or the regularization of current or future projects that do not respect all the dispositions of municipal by-laws.

These regulations are generally linked to urban planning, zoning or allotment.

The request is sent to the Advisory Committee on Urban Planning (CCU).

The CCU hands over its opinion or recommendations to the committee.

The committee can then authorize the anticipated projects or the regularization of current or future projects.

The committee can also refuse the request.

A minor derogation request is often a solution to a practical problem that is not provided for in the urban planning regulations.

A few examples:

  • Impinge by 1,5 metres on 12 metres (12,5 %) in the front setback margin for the construction of a terrace
  • A lot too small, according to the allotment by-law, which does not allow for a house to be built

Demande de dérogation mineure

Here is the form for a request concerning a minor derogation.

  • Click on the link to open the form
  • Print and complete the form.
  • Drop it off at City Hall