Permits and certificates


No one may erect, enlarge, modify, transform a construction, a building, a structure or any other construction or part of a permanent or temporary cosntruction, nor install a prefabricated building, nor undertake deforestation or embankment work with a view to the erection and installation of a structure without having obtained a building permit or authorization from the Municipality for this purpose.

The applicant has the obligation to inquire with the designated official to validate whether the work requires a permit or whether any provisions of the town planning regulations are application to the work that will be carried out.

Obtaining a building permit or a certificate of authorization is not required for the purposes of minor work* which requires normal maintenance of a construction provided that the foundations or the supporting components of the structure or sectioning of beams, joists or orthers are not modified, that there is no removal, replacement or blocking of stairs, exits or windows, or any change in existing materials, that the surface area of floor is not increased and there is no increase in the number of housing units.

* Minor work : work taken separately or for a set of minor work whose declared value is less than $ 10,000.




Note : prices are indicated in the request form. Payment can be made by transfer, check or cash.


The following uses and developments are prohibited without obtaining a certificate of authorization unless included in a building permit (non-exhaustive list):

  • Installation of a septic installation
  • Digging or drilling of a water catchment structure
  • Spa, removable pool, in-ground or semi-in-ground pool and above-ground pool
  • Sign and permanent display
  • Dock, boathouse, companionway and boat lift
  • Moving a construction of building on the land
  • Demolition of a main or accessory building
  • Land development including backfilling, excavation, leveling and creation of a ditch
  • Driveway and parking or loading/inloading space
  • Development of a new street
  • Structures on the bank, in a wethland, watercourse or on the coast
  • Private tree felling (maximum of 20 cords of wood per year for non-commercial and industrial purposes)
  • Logging
  • Certificate of operation for commercial use

In the event of ambiguity, a request to the designated official must be made to validate whether a permis or certificate application is required for the work or construction in question.

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