Our artefacts


The most ancient artefacts originate from 500 to 700 years ago.

They are believed to come from Native American populations of those times that bivouacked on the shores of the Lac des Seize-Îles.

Opposite, a 500-year-old Huron vase.

It contained sagamite, a type of stew that is still prepared today and that is composed of fish and/or venison with corn.








Mr. Jean-Louis Courteau, Dominique Bernier, Jacques Lech and Richard Lahaie dived more that 350 times in the Lac-des-Seize-Îles.

They discovered and brought back to the surface an impressive number of objects.

They were lost or abandoned objects, some originating from the last century and other as far as 500 to 700 years ago.

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